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Jane Lynch Joins Howard Bragman on Gwissues Web Series

Public relations expert Howard Bragman currently serves as the vice chairman of, a prominent online reputation management firm, as well as the founder of the PR firm Fifteen Minutes. He also hosts a web series called Gwissues, which tackles important issues facing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and hosts celebrities to talk about their careers. In a March 2013 episode of Gwissues, Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch stopped by to discuss her life and career.

In the episode, Lynch talks about the early years of her career, when she moved to Los Angeles to appear in a Westwood Playhouse production of The Real Live Brady Bunch. Lynch also discusses her decision to leave the Starz series Party Down for the Fox series Glee, which propelled her to superstar status. Bragman also asks Lynch how her newfound fame has impacted her personal life, to which she replies that her reduced privacy has simply become the “new normal.”


Howard Bragman Discusses Coming Out in the NFL on Gwissues

On the February 1, 2013, episode of his YouTube show, Gwissues, public relations expert Howard Bragman hosted a discussion on homosexual players in the National Football League and the likelihood of a gay player coming out in the future. Together with guests Kevin Arnovitz, Jim Buzinski, and Wade Davis, Bragman weighed in on the lack of openly gay players in the NFL, the difficulties faced by a gay player choosing to come out, and the PR implications of coming out in the modern age of information transparency.

Particularly poignant in light of the 2013 Super Bowl, the episode aired in the wake of anti-gay comments by San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver and denials from other 49ers players about their involvement in an anti-bullying campaign with pro-LGBT rights objectives. In addition to the blatant homophobia faced by gay players, as exemplified by Culliver’s comments of January 29, the show touched briefly on the charges being leveled against former player Kwame Harris, who allegedly assaulted an ex-boyfriend in August 2012.

All three guests and Bragman agreed that any player who does come out will need to carefully control the circumstances surrounding the announcement to avoid media sensationalism. They also noted the importance of support from family and friends as well as fellow players. In closing the show, Bragman encouraged gay players to contact him for support and advice.

Howard Bragman is the author of Where’s My Fifteen Minutes?, as well as the founder of the media and public relations company Fifteen Minutes and the Vice Chairman of

Bragman Brings PR Expertise to

Online news, social media, and Internet communications have created complicated challenges for anyone in the public eye. Veteran celebrity publicist Howard Bragman recently stepped into a new role as Vice Chairman of, where he will apply his considerable experience to helping clients manage their online presence.

Bragman points out that online media can turn almost anyone into an instant celebrity, and he says that managing one’s online reputation is vital for personal and professional success. His experience in PR crisis communications fits well with’s mission to help people and businesses take charge of their privacy and online reputations. founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Fertik has called Howard Bragman the “brightest and most respected voice in the public relations industry,” and he notes that Bragman understands the importance of adapting to the Internet’s effects on public relations.

Where’s My Fifteen Minutes? Offers Practical Advice for Managing Your Message

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Where's my fifteen minutesHoward Bragman has parlayed 30 years of experience working in Hollywood publicity into a book filled with observations and advice for creating a positive public perception. Where’s My Fifteen Minutes?: Get Your Company, Your Cause, or Yourself the Recognition You Deserve addresses the complexity of public relations and the importance of controlling your message.

Bragman has worked with movie stars, athletes, and prominent businesspeople, and he is known for his expertise in helping clients navigate dicey public relations situations. His book provides practical and creative ideas for anyone wanting to generate publicity that will help mold a positive public reputation.

Readers have praised Howard Bragman’s book for its readability and its concise, helpful advice for crafting a public message. While the author’s career has focused on celebrities and high-powered clients, readers say his public relations advice can easily apply to all types of organizations and people looking to enhance their public image.