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Jane Lynch Joins Howard Bragman on Gwissues Web Series

Public relations expert Howard Bragman currently serves as the vice chairman of, a prominent online reputation management firm, as well as the founder of the PR firm Fifteen Minutes. He also hosts a web series called Gwissues, which tackles important issues facing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and hosts celebrities to talk about their careers. In a March 2013 episode of Gwissues, Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch stopped by to discuss her life and career.

In the episode, Lynch talks about the early years of her career, when she moved to Los Angeles to appear in a Westwood Playhouse production of The Real Live Brady Bunch. Lynch also discusses her decision to leave the Starz series Party Down for the Fox series Glee, which propelled her to superstar status. Bragman also asks Lynch how her newfound fame has impacted her personal life, to which she replies that her reduced privacy has simply become the “new normal.”